When to Order Heating Oil

Penguin Energy has the best prices on heating oil!

Although the colder months are behind us, it’s still important to keep your heating oil tank filled throughout the year. If you’ve run out, there’s good news. Penguin Energy offers the best prices on heating oil along with 24-hour emergency delivery services.
First and foremost, you should never run out of heating oil. To avoid the possibility of running out of fuel, we recommend refilling your heating oil tank when it’s a quarter full. Although our team of professionals delivers fuel within 24-48 hours, planning ahead can save you the headache. We make the ordering process as easy as possible. If you need heating oil but aren’t sure how much to order, follow our steps below!
1. Check your tank gauge
Your heating oil tank will be located in either your basement or above ground outside. When you’ve found your heating oil tank, you can locate the gauge on top of the tank. The approximate amount of fuel you have will be displayed in fractions. Like we stated previously, we recommend refilling your tank at a quarter of a tank.

2. Use our heating oil calculator
Visit the how much to order page to use our heating oil calculator. Simply input your tank size and tank gauge level and our calculator handles the rest! It will tell you how much fuel is left in your tank as well as how much you’ll need to order.

3. Order fuel!
Lastly, you can visit the order fuel page with the number of gallons you’ll need and submit your order. It’s that easy!

Keep in mind, we also have an auto-delivery option. Our team will deliver fuel to your home or business automatically. This will give you peace of mind that you’ll never have another empty tank. Visit Penguin Energy to learn more about how we can save you money on your next order!