The Benefits of Ordering Propane from Rez-Bear Propane

You can count on Rez-Bear for all of your propane needs!

If you’re a Penguin Energy customer, you know you can rely on our team to provide you with the greatest quality products at excellent prices. Are you interested in ordering propane for your home or business, but still want great prices and top-notch customer service? Look no further. Rez-Bear Propane is the delivery arm to both Resnick and Penguin Energy. The owners, Randy Resnick and Bobby Mapes have served Sullivan, Eastern Ulster and Orange counties for nearly 20 years. Check out our list of reasons of why you should consider ordering propane from Rez-Bear this spring season.

1. Transparent Prices & Budget Plan
Rez-Bear Propane has consistent prices and makes paying bills easy and predictable. Instead of paying the bulk of your propane bills over a few months, their budget plan will break down your annual fuel usage into 12 even payments throughout the year. This allows you to plan ahead when paying your monthly expenses.

2. Automatic Delivery & 24-hour Emergency Services
At Rez-Bear Propane, you can sign up for their automatic delivery service. You’ll no longer have to worry about ordering propane at the last minute when your tank runs low. Have an emergency? Just call their team! They will deliver propane to your home or business within 24 hours.

3. Customer-Friendly Technology
Rez-Bear’s user-friendly technology will give you the power to keep track of your deliveries, payments and much more.

4. Bonus Discounts
If you’re already a customer with Penguin Energy, you’ll receive great discounts when ordering propane from Rez-Bear. Not to mention, you’ll also have access to discounts from BHR, Crust, Resnick Energy, RezWear and Liberty Market.

There are so many advantages to using propane. It’s extremely versatile, economical, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly. Visit or call (845) 791-4GAS to order propane today!