The Benefits of Cleaning Your Furnace’s Blower Wheel

Cleaning your blower wheel can help keep your furnace running in tip-top shape!

Dirt build-up in your furnace can have a huge negative impact on your heating oil system. Not only does it waste fuel and lower its efficiency, but it also impacts the motor, filter system and blower wheel. To combat this common issue, we recommend cleaning your furnace regularly.

What is a Blower Wheel?
Blower wheels are designed to keep air moving in and out of the furnace. After years of continuous use, the blades can build-up quite a bit of dirt. When dirt begins to clog the blower wheel’s blades, your furnace will need to work in over-drive to keep the air circulating. The heat exchanger is also affected by this, as it will run hotter. This can significantly raise your electricity bill and lower your furnace’s lifespan.

Benefits of Cleaning the Blower Wheel
Cleaning the blower wheel is critical to keeping your furnace running efficiently. By clearing out the debris in the blower wheel, you will begin to experience a range of benefits such as:
1. Extending your furnace’s life span
2. Reducing monthly electricity bills
3. Increasing furnace’s efficiency

We recommend hiring a professional to eliminate any dirt or debris within your furnace. Scheduling regular maintenance checks on your furnace will allow you to reap a number of benefits. If you’re interested in scheduling a routine maintenance check, give us a call at: 845-281-7069 (Orange County) and 845-513-6172 (Sullivan County) or visit .