Fight The Carbon Tax


New York State, which already has the highest taxes in the nation, is about to find another way to grab even more money – possibly thousands of dollars – from your wallets and pocketbooks.

Your help is needed right now: Stop the New York State Carbon Tax! The last thing we need are new and higher taxes as we try to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, which already has walloped so many!

Make no mistake: Everyone who uses fossil fuels will be hurt by the Carbon Tax! Every time you use a gallon of fuel – you pay more! Every time you turn on a light, you pay more! Over 10 years, it could cost you $21,900! Just add it up:

Higher home-heating costs:
• 22¢ per gallon now if you heat your home with propane, rising to $1.07 per gallon in 10 years.
• 39¢ per gallon now for heating oil, rising to $1.90 per gallon in 10 years.
• 20¢ per cubic foot now for natural gas, rising to $1 per gallon in 10 years.

For drivers, the proposed tax is:
• 34¢ per gallon of gasoline now, rising to $1.66 in additional taxes, for every single gallon, in 10 years.

For electricity:
• A quarter of a cent per kilowatt hour now — and 1.2¢ in 10 years.

We must take action – NOW! There’s still time to have your voice heard!

Visit to fill out an easy-to-complete form that will be sent to our state lawmakers.

Help get this unfair, unneeded tax stopped before it picks our pockets!

Randy Resnick, for decades a visible, high-energy mainstay of Sullivan County’s business scene, is known today for his savvy, plain-talk approach and ability to multitask. The Randy Resnick Companies’ holdings include Resnick Energy, a fuel-oil supplier; Penguin Energy, which provides heating oil; Rez-Bear Propane; the popular Bernie’s Holiday Restaurant/BHR; BHR Caterers; Crust Italian Eatery; Liberty Market, a full-service grocery; and Rezwear Corp., which produces facial masks to protect against COVID-19.