How to Restart Your Furnace

Follow these simple steps to restart your furnace!

We know how hectic life can get. With a busy schedule, so many of us often overlook routine furnace maintenance. A lack of maintenance can often cause your system to become worn down or even prevent it from running. Are you experiencing issues with your heater? Before calling a professional for help, we recommend following these simple steps to restart your furnace.

1) Check the filter
Prior to restarting your system, you should first check the furnace filter. A clogged filter can often prevent your furnace from turning on. To ensure your system is running efficiently, we recommend replacing your filter every 90 days.

To replace the furnace filter, follow these steps:
The filter should be located in a compartment at the top or bottom of the furnace. Once you’ve found the access panel, you should be able to open it up and pop out the filter. You can then replace the dirty filter with a clean one, (these can be purchased at any major hardware store). After replacing it, don’t forget to close and secure the access door.

2) Check the pilot light
A pilot light is a small flame that remains lit inside the furnace. If the pilot light is off, your furnace will not be able to spark to light the boiler. You should refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on the proper way to relight this.

3) Restart the furnace
After these first two steps are completed, you can now restart the furnace. Set your thermostat five degrees below the temperature in your home. Then, locate the breaker box. If the breaker panel looks normal, turn off the breaker to your heater. If you notice signs of damage, do not continue any further. Give our team a call at (845) 343-0009 or (845) 791- 8000. One of our professionals can assess the damage. You should leave this breaker off for at least 10-15 minutes. After this period of time, you can turn the HVAC breaker back on and restore the power back to your furnace. You can now reset the temperature on your thermostat back above room temperature. This should solve your problem and restart the furnace.

If your furnace has not restarted, you may need help from a professional. Give our team a call at (845) 343-0009 for Orange County, or (845) 791-8000 for Sullivan County. We are here to help!