How to Prepare Your Home & Heating Oil System for Fall

Follow these helpful tips to prep your home for the colder seasons ahead!

Fall is right around the corner! Now is the perfect time to prepare your home and heating system for the colder months ahead. These simple tips will ensure that your home is in tip-top shape so you and your family can enjoy all of the upcoming fall festivities.
• Replace clogged air filters
We recommend replacing air filters every 3 months to ensure that your system is functioning efficiently. Dirty filters make your heating system to work harder than usual. Since you will be using your heating system more frequently during fall and winter, these filters can become easily clogged with dust and debris. Not only can this increase your monthly utility bill, it can also decrease efficiency.

• Seal leaks around doors or windows
A common way for heat to escape your home is through small leaks or openings around doors and windows. We recommend filling these cracks with an affordably priced caulking that can be purchased at any major home improvement store. You may also want to check your chimney or roof for any necessary repairs, as heat often escapes from gaps in these two areas.

• Seal ducts
Ducts are often overlooked, as they are typically located in the attic or basement. If your ducts are not properly sealed or prepared for the fall season, you can lose up to 20% of your heat. Sealed ducts can help you save a great amount on your next utility bill!

• Clean your chimney
If your home has a chimney, it’s imperative to clean it once a year. A clean chimney can prevent house fires or buildup of carbon monoxide. Common blockages in chimneys include dirt, debris, leaves and bird’s nests. We recommend hiring a professional for a maintenance check on your chimney before winter hits.

• Clean your gutters
We recommend checking your gutters for any debris or leaves left behind from previous months. This can prevent future leaks or damage from occurring during the fall season.

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