Furnace Cleaning Tips

Although spring time is officially here, we may still experience some colder days in the North East. Since so many of our customers rely on heating oil to keep their families warm and comfortable, we recommend yearly maintenance checkups on your furnace. By cleaning and maintaining your furnace at least once a year, your heating system will run more efficiently and stay in tip-top shape. Here are some great furnace cleaning tips to keep your system running at full speed:

1. Safety First
When starting maintenance work on your furnace, you should always turn the power off to your system. This will protect you from any serious injuries.

2. Change Your Filter
Replacing your filter is extremely important to allow air to properly circulate through your furnace. This will not only improve the air quality within your home, but can also reduce your energy bill. We recommend changing these filters every 30-90 days. To change your filter, simply lift up the blower access panel. There, you should be able to see the filter. Simply replace the dirty filter with a clean one, and there you have it. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

3. Vacuum Your Furnace
Another easy, yet essential furnace maintenance tip is vacuuming the inside of your furnace. You should try to suck-up any visible dirt or dust within the inside of the furnace. We recommend paying close attention to the blower wheel; as dirt tends to build up in this area. If you’re unable to eliminate the dust with your vacuum, you can use a damp rag. When you’re finished wiping up any excess dust, it’s important to check that there is no excess moisture within the furnace. This could potentially cause corrosion within the tank.

4. Inspect any wires or belts
After vacuuming, you should inspect any wires or belts within the furnace. You should try to tighten any loose wires. If your blower belt has any signs of damage, make sure to give our team a call. Our team of reliable professionals are here to help!

If you are in need of a maintenance check, give us a call at (845) 513-6172 [Sullivan County], or (845)281-7069 [Orange County].