Energy Efficiency Tips for Spring

You can rely on Penguin Energy to help you become more energy efficient and save you money

Now that the spring season is well underway, it’s the perfect time to be proactive for the warmer months to come. Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bill or would like to be more energy efficient, these energy saving tips will definitely help you this spring and summer.

1. Seal-Up Air Leaks
Air escapes your home through cracks around your windows or doors. By sealing these spaces with affordably-priced caulking, it will ensure that no air leaks in or out of your home. Maintaining proper insulation is also important to maintaining an energy-efficient home.

2. Replace Furnace & Air Conditioner Filters
It’s important to replace your furnace and air conditioner filters every 90 days. By having clean filters, air will flow more efficiently which will provide you with a cost savings on your next electric bill.

3. Program your Thermostat
Setting your thermostat to a certain temperature is a great way to become more energy efficient. This will help you to avoid any major fluctuations in temperature within your home and help to maintain comfortable living conditions.

4. Use Ceiling & Exhaust Fans
Living in the North-East, we all know that it can take a bit of time for the weather to warm up when transitioning from winter to spring. Using a ceiling fan instead of an air-conditioner initially will help cool your home and save you from paying a hefty electric bill. If you’re experiencing a warmer day, we recommend using exhaust fans. This will allow you to release quite a bit of hot air from your home so you won’t have to crank up the AC to cool down.

At Penguin Energy, we strive to save all of our customers money. We offer the most affordable prices with no hidden fees. Visit for more information about our heating oil and propane services.