Be Proactive This Spring Season
It’s officially spring! Now is the perfect time to make spring cleaning plans; which includes maintenance on your heating oil tank. While many of us tend to overlook maintenance on our heating oil tanks, prepping your system may prevent potential issues when the weather gets warmer.

Here are some maintenance tips to help you stay ahead of the curve this spring:

1. Inspect Your Heating Oil Tank
One of the first things you should add to your spring maintenance checklist is inspecting your heating oil tank. It’s important to examine the exterior of the tank for any signs of damage such as rust, dents, stains, or cracking. If there are any signs of damage, it’s smart to give us a call. Our team of dependable professionals are here to help.

2. Secure Your Vent and Fill Caps
Another tip to add to your maintenance checklist is securing your vent and fill caps. You want to make sure both your vent and fill caps are secured tightly so air isn’t able to leak into your tank. This will help you avoid the buildup of debris or sludge within the system.

3. Fill Up Your Heating Oil Tank
As we enter the spring season, warmer weather is approaching. Due to changes in temperature, condensation may form naturally within your tank as the air becomes more humid. The water buildup caused by condensation can wear away the metal inside of your tank. This is also known as corrosion. We recommend keeping your tank filled year-round to eliminate any space for condensation to form. This will help you avoid the risk of any potential damage this may cause.

4. Order Fuel Online!
We offer same day and next day heating oil delivery! You can order heating oil on our website or sign up for our automatic heating oil delivery service. This has many perks including a 5 cent per gallon discount. This will help you maintain your heating oil system and give you peace of mind that you and your family will be safe and comfortable for the start of the spring season.

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